Women are amazing

Some days ago I had the pleasure of celebrating International Women’s Day together with Adidas Runners Munich. A nice evening and a good opportunity to once again be proud of the female gender and especially to be proud of being a woman.

„And especially to be proud of being a woman.“

International Women’s Day. A day that belongs to all women of the world and that demands their equal rights. The right to vote, their right for education, the right for equal pay, the right for political participation, the right for respect, and so on…

A day on which some men feel disadvantaged, because there is no international World Men’s Day. Whereby, if we are completely honest, the rest of the year is reserved for men. We still live in a world where women are disadvantaged, where women earn far less than men – concerning attention or money. We live in a world where women are sexually harassed – self caused of course – because they wear short pants. How dare you!

We live in a world where female athletes are still miles away from receiving the same salary as the men. We live in a world where men tell women to pull themselves together when they get their period and are in pain. and we live in a world where male, 40, white, thinks he’s allowed to behave inappropriate by whistling at a woman. This is meant as a compliment… be thankful, Bitch.

Damn, we are still far away from the perfect status quo, considering equality between women and men and I know that as a white German I am very privileged, although not spared by male paternalism. (I generalize for the sake of simplicity, knowing that not all men are bad guys.)

Women are awesome – and I will not get tired of telling this to myself and everyone else again and again.